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Integrated Health and Social Care

If we want professionals in health and social care to work better toegther they’re going to need better information systems. CareDirector is a solution which aims to do just that; give community nurses, mental health teams, social workers and therapists the basic IT tools they need to work better together. CareDirector is a single shared information system for Health and Social Care that can be used by community nurses, mental health, social workers and therapists to record the care they provide. Because it is a shared system it also allows them access to relevant information on the care that is provided by other professionals


Community Health and Mental Health IT is patchwork quilt of different systems and technologies. Many of the systems in use tiday are seen by clinicans as difficult to use. Meeting the needs of clinicans, moving to paper free operation and then providing the public with access to their health records is challenging given this starting point.

CareDirector is a new solution designed by clinicians and with clinicians to provide a single information system that can be used across community and mental health. It is being designed from the ground up with modern and mobile tehcnologies so that clinicans can be paper free at the point of care.

Because CareDirector it is a single integrated system it can provide patients with access to a single view of their health record in one place

Social Care

If we are able to protect social care services at a time of shrinking budgets and growing demands technology must be part of the answer.

Increased demands due to ageing and dramatic budget reductions are squeezing very tightly. CareDirector is a solution that can help services deliver services more efficiently by helping social services to manage the cost of delivery

CareDirector provides social workers with easy to use and mobile software tools giving them access to their case information whether at the office, a care loctaion or on the move. Using CareDirector care professionals can spend more time with the people they serve and less time in the office.

CareDirector provides portals where the public and their families can access information about services in their area allowing them to contribute to the management of their own care.

And because the CareDirector solution is both a social care system and a health system it helps join up health and social care delivery for the benefit of patients and allowing social care do more for the same spend.

Mobile Solutions

Our mobile solutions enable practitioners to benefit from access to the real time data being recorded by their colleagues. Our apps have been developed by and for health and social care professionals to ensure a sharp focus on a simple, efficient user experience, enabling care delivery that makes a real difference to people’s lives.