The thought leader: Deconstructing the TED Talk

If you have browsed the internet over the last few years, the likelihood is that you’ve come across a unique and inspiring Ted Talk.

The CCIS is Now Live at Bridgend County Borough Council

Through the successful working partnership of CareWorks and the team at Bridgend County Borough Council the Community Care Information Solution is now live in Bridgend.

The CCIS is built upon our CareDirector software solution and it is designed to deliver an integrated health and social care solution for the people of Wales. It will enable health, social services, mental health, therapy and community services to deliver effective care and place the people receiving the care at the centre of the process. Read more

CareWorks and the CCIS at the NSSC 2016

CareWorks are again delighted to be a main sponsor for the National Social Services Conference (NSSC) in Llandudno this year.

The NSSC, which is organised by the Association of the Directors For Social Services Cymru, will bring together key organisations that are responsible for promoting and providing social care to the people of Wales. Read more