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Adult Social Care

Adult Social Care

The aging population and their long term care needs are stretching public resources and health and social services need to find a way to deliver not only effective care, but cost effective care.

CareDirector for Professionals

Care workers are able to access patient and client information from any mobile device. CareDirector enables users to communicate with other staff, update and monitor their case files away from desks allowing them to spend more time with their patients and less time filing out and filling paperwork.

CareDirector comes supplied with a wide range of predefined workflows. These workflows can be copied and amended to suit local needs.

  • Portal Processes
  • Safeguarding
  • Reminder Processes

CareDirector for Citizens

CareDirector is designed so that any member of the public can direct their own care. Though our customer portal, citizens are able to access their health record and choose their accessibility settings based on their individual needs and preferences.