A bad user interface is a cranky receptionist

Being greeted by a cranky receptionist is the real world equivalent to a bad user interface in the digital world. Both are off-putting, both are uninviting, and both are thoroughly unexpected.

Consumers have come to expect slick, intuitive digital products, making design-related first impressions extremely important today. The first opening click of a new product – that fateful first impression, should be inviting. A clean, clear interface should surface, easing the user into the tech fluidly and with confidence. It is the digital equivalent of walking into a building and seeing a smiling receptionist. A friendly user interface, (UI) welcomes the user through the door of an app and settles them in right away. A bad user interface is like getting a grunt instead of a greeting. When presented with the unpleasant surprise of an out-dated or hectic UI, the user stumbles and starts feeling both distaste and distrust.

User Interface and Brand Credibility

We know that for our end users, our interface is our brand. It is how you interact with CareWorks; your chief touch point with us. Research shows that 75% of users make judgments about a company’s credibility based on design. We believe that the user interface is a visual indicator of commitment to clarity. It tells you how much we have invested in your experience. Our new CareDirector Mental Health solution has been designed with a renewed focus on user interface; we have invested a lot of time and thought into making your CareDirector experience better.


We understand that CareDirector’s user interface determines the solution’s usability. Not only can poor usability foster mistrust about a brand, it can also effect product uptake. While the functionality of a piece of software is critical, this functionality ultimately becomes redundant if users fail to grasp the interface they are dependent on for access. At CareWorks, we foster close relationships with our customers built on trust, and we want them to have an enjoyable experience using our solutions from the very start, resulting in an emphasis on creating a simple user interface with the new CareDirector Mental Health solution.


A cranky, unwelcoming receptionist will make offline customers disinclined to engage with a company. A bad user interface does the same. Because of this, user interface and user experience is at the heart of the new CareDirector Mental Health solution. We have created a solution that can be used with ease and effortlessness, enabling you to view data clearly and concisely, make informed decisions faster and improve care all round. Find out more about CareDirector at [email protected].

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