Could GDPR aid interoperability in healthcare?

Could the General Data Protection Regulation, (GDPR), aid interoperability in healthcare?

Artificial Intelligence taking China by storm

Artificial intelligence (AI) seems poised to transform healthcare all over the world, especially in China. Developing the systems that power artificial intelligence requires correlating thousands of variables spanning patient medical data and then developing software that can identify related trends among these variables and predict medical outcomes. In China, this poses a challenge: there’s a shortage […]

How Chile’s IT Architecture is Transforming its Healthcare

Not long ago, more than 1,000 remote medical facilities in Chile lacked connectivity and many of its healthcare systems could not easily interoperate. To change this, Soledad Munoz Lopez, the CIO of Chile’s Ministry of Health (MINSAL), developed a new approach to IT architecture. Ms. Lopez implemented an API-based architecture. The API architecture dovetails into […]