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CareDirector Integrate

CareDirector Integrate

CareDirector Integrate offers a simple, secure alternative to paper based files and a solution to mobile working. The application puts the essential case information at your fingertips, even when working “offline”. Crucially it enables you to record your notes, activity and fill in forms whilst out on a visit or in the community, dramatically reducing the need to spend at your time desk with a PC.
CareDirector Integrate also enables practitioners to benefit from access to the real time data being recorded by their colleagues. Our app has been developed by and for health and social care professionals to ensure a sharp focus on a simple, efficient user experience that enables care delivery that makes a real difference to people’s lives.

The Benefits of CareDirector Integrate

More time in the community with citizens:

  • A single, Integrated Health and Social Care record
  • True paperless working
  • Security – fully encrypted communication and storage of data
  • Flexibility – the freedom to choose the device type (phone, tablet, laptop) and platform (Apple, Android, Windows) that works for your teams
  • Improved case recording using voice and text notes

Reduced Costs Overall:

  • Reduced paperwork as notes are taken on the mobile device
  • Reduced travel time as the need to travel back to the office in between appointments is removed
  • Quick access – no waiting for laptops to boot up

More Effective Decision Making:

  • Key information for case workers when and where it’s needed most
  • Increased communication between Health and Social Care