Electronic Prescription Service saves NHS and patients £205 million over three years

GP surgeries can now send prescriptions directly to pharmacies under the EPS system, which has been developed by NHS Digital, helping to save patients time and money when collecting their prescriptions.

Over the past three years the system has saved patients almost £75 million and the NHS £130 million. 72% of patients said their prescriptions were ready for them when they arrived at their pharmacy, with the average prescription collection around 20 minutes quicker under the EPS system.

GP practices on average saved an hour and 20 minutes each day by signing electronic repeat prescriptions compared to paper versions and an average of 43 minutes per day by not having to locate paper prescriptions, allowing staff to have more time to care for patients.

Pharmacists reported on average they were saving around 54 minutes a day as result of faster dispensing under EPS and 43 minutes a day as a result of fewer trips to GP practices to collect paper prescription forms.

Luvjit Kandula, Chief Officer of Leicestershire and Rutland Local Pharmaceutical Committee said: “As further work is being planned to improve uptake of EPS and repeat dispensing, this will further improve the patient experience and free up more time for clinicians to focus on medicines optimisation and service delivery.”


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