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CareDirector enables Mental Health and Community Health services to deliver up to date care in real time.

Our Health solution is also capable of seamlessly interacting with our Social Care solution or other third party solutions, making it easier for health workers to deliver proper care services.

CareDirector is integrated with NHS Spine and is configurable to create workflows that span across multi-disciplines allowing workers to deliver services across the entire patient care pathway.

Modular Approach

We offer a modular solution for Health Care and most important of all the system can be integrated form the start or at any stage that you choose to have both health and social care work together.  We work in partnership with our customers and so we build the solution in collaboration with you and by understanding your real needs.  This means that your solution grows as your needs grow.

Health Solution

Through our health solution, health workers can track, monitor and review patient cases easily, CareDirector is integrated with NHS Spine and is configurable to create workflows that span across multi-disciplines allowing health workers to deliver services across the entire care pathway.

Mobile Working

The way in which we work has evolved over time. There has been a shift towards paper free and mobile working. We no longer have to work from our desks to complete laborious and paper heavy tasks. Mobile working has transformed the way in which people operate during their work day and this is true for health workers.


The CareDirector Portal allows Health professionals to access patient records at any time in order to view, create, and update information.

The Portals web pages can be customised to match organisations brand and can be adapted to suit client needs. The Portal allows Service Providers to create their own portals for public and external access while the data is held on CRM.


Reporting using CareDirector provides a powerful reporting tool for all users. The underlying database is Microsoft SQL Server and the reporting infrastructure is SQL Server Reporting Services (SSRS). Our software leverages the Reporting and Business Intelligence features of Microsoft SQL Server. The flexibility of the solution allows local authorities to deploy reporting components on a single server or across multiple servers depending on need and preference.

Financial Management

revenue cycle management

CareDirector is fully integrated to provide all Commissioning and Financial functionality. Our Financial Management solution works alongside our Case Management solution offering users to document and bill for services rendered.

The system is built on Microsoft Dynamics CRM, is easily customisable for non-technical staff to operate business processes, data collection and reporting requirements.