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Mental Health Solution

Through our mental health solution, clinicians can track, monitor and review patient cases easily. CareDirector is integrated with NHS Spine and is configurable to create workflows that span across multi-disciplines allowing clinicians to deliver services across the entire care pathway.

Within our CareDirector Mental Health module, staff have access to client data allowing them to track and manage care pathway through a variety of functions:

  • Resource Management allowing quicker and smoother resource allocation functionality, allowing for allocation to be matched to availability and resulting in overall better outcomes.
  • Bed Management offering the ability to offer real-time bed management with a Visual Bed Management Dashboard which features key information of the client and allows you to build the Ward layout to suit your local needs.
  • Community and Clinic Functions
    • Dairy view allows drop and drag functionality to move appointments quickly if resources demand this.
    • Referral Management allows you to triage and manage your caseloads.
    • Mental Health Appointments – allowing the staff to manage their appointments. CareDirector is a system that supports mental health requirements in the cancelation or out-coming of booked appointments.
    • Ability to set up Clinics and Community Diary’s for each of your service areas.
    • Ability to check your staff’s available slots to allow others to add activity to their appointment diary.
    • Workflows that you can design to trigger emails, messages, tasks, or letters to others involved in the referral and appointments.
  • Observation and Monitoring functions helping you to record physical observations, height and weight and body maps. The system applies age rules so the record supports you in providing National Early Warning Scores, Paediatric Early Warning Scores and Malnutrition Universal Scoring Tool Data – helping you formulate your interventions.
  • Document Engine
    CareDirector offers you the ability to create all the assessments, care plans and review tools you need for your services to publish them on the system. This keeps you in control of the layout and data recorded in your forms.
  • Reference Data
    Mental health care needs to collect data and CareDirector offers a system where you can control the reference data that end users access, ensuring your records hold the most current reference data to meet performance and clinical requirements.
  • Workflows and Activities
    The system offers a host of additional functions to help you and your teams manage day to day activities and tasks. You can create dashboards that guide the user to significant information held against many clients, you can also trigger work flows to alert a user or team member to undertake a task or duty. When creating a daily case note entry, you can have this stored in the client record but also trigger an activity for yourself or others to manage.