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Are your staff exhausted with having to view multiple screens of different data to establish trends and derive conclusions? Are they constantly hoping for a system that will help them save time when analyzing patient data? CareDirector can help transform your trust’s reporting by bringing all of your data into one place with the power of dashboards. Data is clearly visualised within graphs and charts, meaning staff can easily and quickly view data trends, extract conclusions, and become more efficient in their reporting and decision making.

The flexibility of the solution allows local authorities to deploy reporting components on a single server or across multiple servers depending on need and preference.

Users can easily create ad-hoc reports using CareDirector. Created reports can be exported to many formats including Excel, Word, PDF, CSV and XML. Through CareDirector reports can also be scheduled to run periodically and delivered to a shared folder or by e-mail.


  • Advanced Find
  • Report Wizard
  • BIDS/Report Builder
  • Component Designer
  • Views
  • SSRS
  • Excel
  • Power Pivot / Power View
  • Dashboards
  • Any SQL Compliant Reporting Tool
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