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Integrated Health and Social Care

Integrated Health and Social Care


CareDirector is a single shared information system for Community Health, Mental Health and Social Services used by community nurses, mental health, social workers and therapists to record the care they provide. CareDirector was designed by clinicians and social workers working closely with nurses, therapists, social workers and members of the public.

The Benefits of Integration

For patients and clients:

  • Each patient has a unique record on the system that can be securely and appropriately accessed by workers in different organisations and different locations. Cases can be shared or transferred across regional boundaries as patients are referred to new services or if they move home.
  • Because patient records are unique and stored in one place workers can access the best available and most up to date information on patients so they know who saw them last, what happened with them and what their treatment ot sevice plans are.
  • Social workers and health workers access information or record information on their office PCs, on laptops and on mobile devices such as tablets and smart phones. This means that workers are able to access patient information from any work location and while on the move. They dont have to print out as much or go back to the office or a home location to access key information.
  • Management information is drawn from a single place, recorded in a consistent manner and available in real time. This reduces the challenge of having to make sense of information recorded in different ways on different systems.

A Future Proof Solution

We recognise that the number of organisations delievring health and social services in the UK, their structures and their procedures and practices will change over time. We expect to see fewer councils delivering social services and, in those that remain, closer working with health. CareDirector can be an enabler of change providing the flexibility to support merging of organisations and allow the forms and formats used to manage information to develop as procedures change and develop.

Having a single information system across Health and Social Care opens up opportunities for providing public electronic access to their records with potential for people to become more active participants in the decisions being taken in their own care.

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