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Case Management

Case Management

At CareWorks, we believe that a good case management solution should help social care professionals spend more time with their clients and less time on administrative tasks. This leads to more efficient working and better decision making. By using CareDirector, social care workers are no longer over stretched and overworked by inefficient manual processes.

Our flexible case management solution has the capability to be locally customised and configured as we know that no two cases are alike and CareWorks can provide a solution that allows organisations to meet those changing needs.

CareDirector’s case management is not only designed for social care professionals but is also designed to empower people to direct their own level of care. CareDirector has a familiar appearance and easy to use platform to direct their care pathway and communicate with case workers in a way that best suits them.

Users of our case management solution will find a reduction in administrative costs and a reduction in the time to complete paper forms through CareDirector while seeing an increase in communication capabilities and between agencies.

  • Reducing administrative effort through automating repetitive tasks
  • Allowing customers to do some things for themselves
  • Fully enabling mobile working making staff more productive wherever they need to work
  • Aiding efficient communication between staff, other agencies and with customers