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CareDirector provides a multitude of benefits for users of our software. Not only is it easy to use, users will find the functionality very familiar and flexible. This means that our technology is capable of evolving over time and growing as organisations grow.

CareDirector is fully Service-Orientated Architecture (SOA) which enables organisations to develop a suite of integrated solutions using centralised web services that are connected through a common integration framework across business systems, applications, and processes.

Our Technology Offers:

 Mobile Working

Our solution allows users to work in flexible environments anywhere at any time. CareDirector, being a web based application, offers users the opportunity to not only work from their desk but also on the move. Our software is compatible with any mobile device including laptop, tablet and mobile phone. Full system offline working is also achieved.

Future Proof Technology

CareDirector is a solution that allows organisations to meet the needs of today while also ensuring that future needs are anticipated. Our technology has the flexibility to be adapted and customised to meet changing IT requirements. CareDirector offers powerful functionality to future proof technology.