Torfaen Young Carers Service attends the Young Carers Festival 2018

Last Year Torfaen Young Carers Service received some funding from CareWorks Social Investment Fund. Torfaen Young Carers Service is a support system for people under 18 who have become a carer at an early age. The service works with children, young people and their families to give the young carers support and a short break by engaging in social, age appropriate and leisurely activities.

Funding from CareWorks enabled Torfaen Young Carers Service to take 25 young carers, aged 11 to 16, to this year’s Young Carers Festival. The festival was organised by the YMCA and the Children Society and took place at Fairthorne Manor in Southampton. The Young Carers Festival provides young carers with the opportunity to have fun, relax, socialize and have their voices heard about issues that affect them. Approximately, 1800 young carers attended from throughout the UK, with most saying that they would attend the Young Carers Festival again. The young carers highlighted their favourite parts of the Young Carers Festival as making new friends, relaxing, and of course the rides and silent disco.

Ways in which attending the Young Carers Festival helped the young carers include:

  • Confidence building
  • Made new friends
  • Took away some anxiety
  • Relaxation
  • Opportunity to share common experiences

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