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Our Customers

Our Customers

Since 1997, we have been working with our customers to provide flexible solutions that help improve the way in which care is delivered. We are proud of the way in which we deliver our solutions; working and collaborating with our customers to provide a solution that meets their technology needs.

Health and Social Care

As CareDirector is built on Microsoft Dynamics CRM, this flexible platform can be customised to meet the local needs of organisations while also providing users with familiar tools such as Microsoft Outlook and SharePoint to work with. This integrated software is capable of meeting the functional needs of health and care workers as well as easily integrating with third party systems.

Children’s Social Care

We see case management not only as a method of planning, reviewing and monitoring case load but as a solution to allowing social care workers spend more time with children and families. At CareWorks putting people and their needs first is our priority this is especially true for children and their families.

CareDirector incorporates a suite of integrated social care applications to manage the full care pathway, creating a single comprehensive child record in a central location. The system supports children and young people and families care case management from start to end including; Initial Enquiries and Contacts, Referrals, Safeguarding, CIN, Assessment of Needs, Care and Education Planning, Placement Reviews, Leaving Care and Transitions.

Adult Social Care

Care workers are able to access patient and client information from any mobile device. Communication and client data through laptop, mobile phone and tablet enable users update and monitor their case files away from desks allowing them to spend more time with their patients and less time filing and filling out paperwork.

Youth Justice

CareWorks Youth Justice solution is used by almost fifty Youth Offending Teams across England, Wales and supports a wide range of risk assessment tools including Youth Offending, Prevention, Probation and Drugs and Alcohol Misuse. Our system is easily configured to meet local needs and to support local assessments.