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Youth Justice

Youth Justice

CareWorks Youth Justice solution is used by almost fifty Youth Offending Teams across England and Wales, supporting a wide range of risk assessment tools including Youth Offending, Prevention, Probation and Drugs and Alcohol Misuse. Our system is easily configured to meet local needs and to support local assessments.

We understand that YOT case management and reporting are vital tools to Youth Offending Services. Our solution is designed with the functionality to generate reports and facilitate the instant extraction of information from the system. The CareDirector case management solution enables mobile working with information sharing capabilities allowing youth workers to easily monitor and refer their cases.

Our CMS products are configured to support the specialist work of Criminal and Youth Justice including:

  • Youth Offending
  • Prevention
  • Probation
  • Young People’s Substance Misuse
  • Wiring Up Youth Justice

Our software uniquely promotes information sharing between Youth Offending and Children’s Services in line with the Change for Children: Every Child Matters programme including Integrated Children’s System, Common Assessment Framework and ContactPoint.

CareDirector is complaint with AssetPlus and supports mobile working.


  • A single system for Youth Offending and Prevention
  • Digital Pen Technology
  • Integrated SMS Text messaging
  • Mobile Working
  • All system documents such as ASSET assessments and Court Reports are presented through an intuitive forms interface